What's Next for the Blog?

In the first post I listed out some of the things I wanted to do with the structure of the blog itself. While I haven’t done everything on that list, here is a list of things I have done since making the first post:

  1. Performance - Removed the reference to the custom font to speed up the page download
  2. Style - Changed up the formatting on the css to make the code easier to read
  3. Style - Changed the navigation at the bottom of the post pages to use text instead of an arrow.
  4. Bug - Fixed the issue where clicking the title wasn’t navigating to an actual page
  5. Analytics - Added the Google analytics reference

Here is the list of the things I would like to tackle next:

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Activator.CreateInstance Alternatives with Benchmarks

.NET provides multiple ways of generating objects at runtime. Each of these options offer their own trades offs in terms of performance. I will demonstrate that not only are there great performance gains to be had over Activator.CreateInstance(…), but I will also show that there are nuances to how you set up these classes that can dramatically effect performance.

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Setting up Autofac with Caliburn Micro v3.2.0 and Autofac v4.8.1

I find myself frequently setting up new projects with Caliburn Micro; however, It isn’t always easy to remember the code to integrate Autofac with the bootstrapper. So, here is the template that I use when creating a new application.

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First Post

Hello World!

After multiple attempts in the past I’m looking to start blogging again.

In this iteration, I’m using an Amazon S3 bucket serving up a static site that is generated with Hugo. So far I’m pretty happy with the results.

In future iterations of the site, I’m planning to:

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